Below are some of the services offered by our doctors:

Couples Counseling

(Duration/Frequency Variable per Discussion)

Professional Seminars

Dr. Manley often travels to professional settings to provide educational seminars.

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Concierge-Level Care 

Dr. Manley is proud to offer in-home, in-office and/or on-set sessions. 

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Individual Therapy

60-120 Minute Sessions

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​Partner Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) 

4-Session 90-min Relationship Assessment Package Deal for Couples.  

Nashville Therapist, LLC

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Expert Diagnostic Evaluation and Reporting 

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What is Treatment Like? 

The doctors at Nashville Therapist, LLC believe in creating a private and relaxed environment so that patients can work toward healthy breakthroughs.

What Will Happen?

After you contact our practice, Dr. Manley will provide you with a free telephone consultation in order to determine whether we can meet your needs and if we will be a strong therapeutic "match." This is also an excellent time for you to ask questions, express hesitation and even voice general concern about the process. Dr. Manley believes that educating every patient about the benefits of treatment can be a vital step toward recovery. After your telephone consultation you will schedule your first appointment, receive new patient paperwork via email and pay your new patient deposit.  During your first appointment, you and your doctor will review your forms and discuss which treatment option seems like the best fit for you.   

Our doctors accept private payment and HSA cards.  They do not accept insurance or provide reimbursement documentation.  Because they are not limited by insurance agencies, deciding what's right for you can be a collaborative process.  Please state any treatment preferences you have so that we can accommodate your needs. 

Intensive Sessions

For Individuals traveling from out of state, on tour, and/or with especially demanding professional lives, our doctors can offer especially long intensive sessions. 

Duration varies (usually between 3-5 hour sessions monthly). Inquire within.