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Dr. Manley believes in personalized therapy that reduces symptoms, enhances personal wellness and reflects state-of-the art scientific research and treatment methods. Research suggests that many issues are treatable and talk therapy can help.

Finding the right therapist means finding the doctor that fits you and your busy lifestyle. Simply contact us to see if we are accepting new patients and schedule your visit. Dr. Manley is proud to offer both standard and concierge-level treatment.

Additional Services

Dr. Manley also offers clinical supervision, concierge-level care, seminars, teaching, mentorship and intensive therapy sessions.

What Dr. Manley's patients say

  • Male, Fire Fighter/Rescue Specialist and Inventor, 38

    I was skeptical about Dr. Manley because I felt like nobody could understand what I was going through. Her knowledge, professionalism, and toughness quickly me won my respect. Dr. Manley is a life saver! She is one of us!

  • Male, Engineer, 26

    Dr. Manley’s guidance and attentiveness helped pull me out of what I had long believed was an incommutable life sentence of depression—imprisoned by nihilism, contempt for life itself, completely lost in despair, and dependent on substances as my only tool for survival. Her patience and compassion are matched only by... read more

  • Female, Homemaker, 37

    Dr. Manley helped me so much. I look back at how depressed I use to be and feel sorry that I lived like that for so long. If you put the work in, it gets better.

  • Male, Vietnam Era Veteran/Small Business Owner, 73

    After what happened at the VA, I lost hope. I was in a dark hole. I didn’t think I could get better and I didn’t think someone so young was going to be any use to me at all. What can I say? The kid’s got chops. She can be... read more

  • Male, CEO, 51

    Worth it.

  • Female, Physician, 33

    She is a really good listener and not judgmental at all. I didn’t realize how much my stuff was bothering me until I got it off my chest. I’m really grateful for her.

  • Male, Musician, 30

    My panic attacks use to be so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. I even went to the ER a couple times. I thought I was going crazy! She taught me how to cope with my anxiety and I haven’t had a panic attack in over 2... read more

  • Female, Real Estate, 43

    I wasn’t sure about therapy when I called her. I am so glad that she proved me wrong. I can sleep, my marriage is better, and so much makes sense now. If you are thinking of calling her, do it!

  • Male, Student, 23

    Dr. Manley helped me though a difficult season of my life by giving me a deeper understanding of myself. I can truly stay I am doing better now because of my time with her.

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