You are welcome to fill out Dr. Manley’s contact form for special case consideration and/or new patient waitlist consideration. 

During your first visit, you and Dr. Manley will review your completed forms together and she will answer any questions you might have about the treatment process. Your privacy and confidentiality is paramount. Completing these forms before your intake appointment often allows new patients to skip the waiting room while also ensuring that only you and Dr. Manley view your private information. This adds an extra layer of privacy to your visit so that you can relax and focus on what matters.

If you are interested in discussing your options with Dr. Manley, please contact us today. Dr. Manley will personally respond to your request. Also, please feel free to call us directly and leave a voicemail any time!

What to Expect

You’ve done your research, checked around and decided that you want to work with Dr. Manley. Now what? Below is an outline of things to do and what to expect next.

  • Call Dr. Manley or fill out an electronic contact form via this website
  • Have a 15 minute telephone consultation with Dr. M.
    • Briefly describe your situation
    • Are you a “good fit?”
    • Schedule your first appointment
    • Obtain your password (which grants access to her online forms)
  • Pay your deposit
  • Fill out the online forms
  • Arrive about 5 minutes early for your first appointment
    • Park and take the elevator to the third floor
    • Let reception know you’ve arrived for Dr. Manley
  • First Session/Intake Appointment
    • Dr. Manley will take the first 5 minutes of your intake appointment to help you feel informed, oriented and make sure you understand your right to confidentiality.
    • Talk about anything on your mind. This is your time.
    • Pay for your session (cash, checks, credit/debit cards or HSA cards– Dr. M. does not accept insurance or provide reimbursement receipts and/or documentation.